Review: Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal

At first I thought this seemed like a pointless review to do but the more I have pondered this pedal the more I realise the importance of reviewing such a piece of gear.

I am indeed referring to the Tuner pedal. In this review we will be going over the industry standard Boss TU-3

But first..

What is a Tuner pedal?

It’s a pedal just like any other stomp box on the market only this one provides you with a tuning interface right at the tip of your toes.

For a gig, this is the perfect way to stay in tune and look cool at the same time. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to tune but we have as it is a necessary part of guitar playing. That is why the tuner pedal is so necessary

Why The Boss Tuner Specifically?

The Boss tuner pedal is the tried and tested tuner in the music industry around the world. Almost every single guitar player you can think of has owned and used one of these.

The reason for this is because they are absolutely indestructible and just carry on working.

I’ve had other brands before and they keep failing on me. I’ve yet to hear of anyone having their Boss tuner pedal fail them.

Features of the Boss TU-3

One would think that tuner pedals have one function however the Boss TU-3 proves this wrong.

The TU-3 has the following features:

  • Power supply out (to daisy chain the rest of your pedals
  • 9v battery or 9v power supply
  • When engaged can be used as a signal kill.
  • Various settings and tuning frequencies to mess around with if you so wish.

Conclusion on the Boss TU-3 from Guitar Tone SA:

If you’re going to buy a tuner pedal then rather put in the extra money for the boss pedal. It will last you a lifetime and will never die on you.

It is tried and tested and you can’t go wrong with this pedal.