Review: Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe

Bang For your Wide-Range HumBuckers

If you are looking for a high quality Fender guitar with humbuckers but cannot afford the real deal, this Vintage Modified Tele is the business!

I must be honest, I’m not one that is too perturbed if the headstock does not say Fender. As long as the headstock looks like a Fender! and that’ exactly what you get with the Vintage modified.

Fender Build & Quality without the logo

So this guitar says Squier instead of Fender big deal? Not at all! in fact the quality of this guitar (Actually, all the guitars in the “vintage modified” range) can be compared to that of a Mexican Fender or even a Japanese Fender.

This Tele is made in Indonesia but it does certainly adhere to the higher standards of Fender guitars.


  • Olympic White
  • Black


  • Despite the colour you choose, these Tele’s only come with a maple neck and fretboard
  • Shape: “C”


  • Basswood body with a polyester gloss-type finish

Guitar Tone South Africa Verdict

This is a fantastic guitar and should by no means ever be compared to or thought of as in the same level as the entry level Squier’s. This is a high quality instrument so expect to pay a decent amount for it even though it says Squier.

Don’t let the fact that it is a squier put you off. It is a great guitar and has real Fender Wide range humbuckers. After all that’s where the sound comes from. Not from the logo on the headstock!