Review: Laney Cub 12

Laney Cub 12…Full valve Amp on a Budget

The Laney Cub 12 is a full valve amp produced by laney. The Cub 12 , despite what it says in the name is in actual fact a 15 watt amplifier. Why they decided to call it a 12 when it’s actually 15 is beyond me but anyway it is still a fantastic amp.

Amps in the Range?

In the Laney Cub range there are three options to choose from:

  1. Laney Cub 10 Watt combo amplifier
  2. Laney Cub 12 , a 15 watt combo amp
  3. Laney Cub 12, a 15 watt Head and Cab

The difference between the amps?

The cub 12 does not differ at all from combo to head & cab version and features the same full band eq. The laney 10 watt version however has only tone and volume which I actually love.

There is something about the simplicity of two controls.

Amp Features

  • The cub 12 has built in reverb.
  • The amp has an effects loop which is great for delays and wet signals coming from pedals.
  • The amps has a built in stand (comes with the combo version)

The Sound

This incredible little amp aims to give you the classic brittish tone that we have come to know over the years however it comes in a package that is affordable to most guitarists.

Not many can rival this quality of amp for the price.