Review: Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

The Elixir guitar strings are designed and made in the United Kingdom. These strings can be considered fairly newcomers to the guitar string market in comparison to it’s competitors

Elixir quickly made a name for itself with it’s innovative line of coated guitar strings for acoustic, electric and bass guitar.

This review will focus on the different electric guitar strings.

What makes Elixir Innovative

The selling point of the Elixir guitar strings are the fact that they are meant to last longer than any other guitar string out there. That is of course until Ernie Ball released it’s Paradigm guitar strings. However these aren’t available in the country yet but you can bet your bottom two rand that we’ll be the first to review them when they do.

Different kinds of Elixir electric guitar strings..

The guitar strings come in the usual gauges from 9-11 I believe however they have three different version for different sounds.

1) Nanoweb – Leans towards the brighter side of tones however can be considered in between bright and warm.

2) Polyweb – A much warmer tone

3) Optiweb – The brightest electric guitar strings Elixir offers


Do they Really last that long?

I’ve heard many guitarists swear by these strings with regards to them lasting a long time. However from a personal stand point, I play guitar with quite a lot of power and aggression and these last the same as any other out there that I have tried.

I’m not saying they don’t last forever however they just do not suit my playing style as I prefer non-coated strings.


Due to the coating on the strings, they do not rust like other non-coated one’s which is a fantastic bonus as there is nothing worse than playing guitar with rusty strings.

The Verdict

These are definitely great strings however you can expect to pay a very premium price on these to put it lightly. I’ve heard one thing about these strings that I’d like to leave with you.

Initially the strings my not feel great due to the coating however as time goes by the guitar platyer will beging to see the benefits of the coating and enjoy the feel of them once they have worn in. It is a long term guitar string.