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Review: Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

The Elixir guitar strings are designed and made in the United Kingdom. These strings can be considered fairly newcomers to the guitar string market in comparison to it’s competitors

Elixir quickly made a name for itself with it’s innovative line of coated guitar strings for acoustic, electric and bass guitar.

This review will focus on the different electric guitar strings.

What makes Elixir Innovative

The selling point of the Elixir guitar strings are the fact that they are meant to last longer than any other guitar string out there. That is of course until Ernie Ball released it’s Paradigm guitar strings. However these aren’t available in the country yet but you can bet your bottom two rand that we’ll be the first to review them when they do.

Different kinds of Elixir electric guitar strings..

The guitar strings come in the usual gauges from 9-11 I believe however they have three different version for different sounds.

1) Nanoweb – Leans towards the brighter side of tones however can be considered in between bright and warm.

2) Polyweb – A much warmer tone

3) Optiweb – The brightest electric guitar strings Elixir offers


Do they Really last that long?

I’ve heard many guitarists swear by these strings with regards to them lasting a long time. However from a personal stand point, I play guitar with quite a lot of power and aggression and these last the same as any other out there that I have tried.

I’m not saying they don’t last forever however they just do not suit my playing style as I prefer non-coated strings.


Due to the coating on the strings, they do not rust like other non-coated one’s which is a fantastic bonus as there is nothing worse than playing guitar with rusty strings.

The Verdict

These are definitely great strings however you can expect to pay a very premium price on these to put it lightly. I’ve heard one thing about these strings that I’d like to leave with you.

Initially the strings my not feel great due to the coating however as time goes by the guitar platyer will beging to see the benefits of the coating and enjoy the feel of them once they have worn in. It is a long term guitar string.





Review: Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal

At first I thought this seemed like a pointless review to do but the more I have pondered this pedal the more I realise the importance of reviewing such a piece of gear.

I am indeed referring to the Tuner pedal. In this review we will be going over the industry standard Boss TU-3

But first..

What is a Tuner pedal?

It’s a pedal just like any other stomp box on the market only this one provides you with a tuning interface right at the tip of your toes.

For a gig, this is the perfect way to stay in tune and look cool at the same time. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to tune but we have as it is a necessary part of guitar playing. That is why the tuner pedal is so necessary

Why The Boss Tuner Specifically?

The Boss tuner pedal is the tried and tested tuner in the music industry around the world. Almost every single guitar player you can think of has owned and used one of these.

The reason for this is because they are absolutely indestructible and just carry on working.

I’ve had other brands before and they keep failing on me. I’ve yet to hear of anyone having their Boss tuner pedal fail them.

Features of the Boss TU-3

One would think that tuner pedals have one function however the Boss TU-3 proves this wrong.

The TU-3 has the following features:

  • Power supply out (to daisy chain the rest of your pedals
  • 9v battery or 9v power supply
  • When engaged can be used as a signal kill.
  • Various settings and tuning frequencies to mess around with if you so wish.

Conclusion on the Boss TU-3 from Guitar Tone SA:

If you’re going to buy a tuner pedal then rather put in the extra money for the boss pedal. It will last you a lifetime and will never die on you.

It is tried and tested and you can’t go wrong with this pedal.



Review: Tanglewood Les Paul

An Underrated and Affordable Les Paul Copy

That is right, this Les Paul copy by Tanglewood has got to be one of the best guitars I own. I will never sell it!

This guitar is in the same range as the Epiphone Les Paul copies however the Tanglewood is miles ahead of any other Les Paul copy out there.

But don’t Tanglewood only do Acoustic Guitars?

That is what I thought too, until I came across a Tanglewood les paul for sale at a price that I couldn’t refuse.

Yes, tanglewood are most definitely more of an acoustic company however there electric guitars are one of the best kept secrets on the market.

The sound?

Best sound ever! Why? Because they have “Entwhistle” PAF style humbuckers which absolutely kick ass and sound unbelievably good.

The Feel of the Guitar

Each guitar in the range is aimed at copying a different Gibson Les paul so each neck profile is different. We suggest going through them to make a decision as to what guitar neck you best prefer.


The range of les paul comes in so many different colour options. From Gold top to Custom les paul, the Tanglewood range has it all.


Review: Laney Cub 12

Laney Cub 12…Full valve Amp on a Budget

The Laney Cub 12 is a full valve amp produced by laney. The Cub 12 , despite what it says in the name is in actual fact a 15 watt amplifier. Why they decided to call it a 12 when it’s actually 15 is beyond me but anyway it is still a fantastic amp.

Amps in the Range?

In the Laney Cub range there are three options to choose from:

  1. Laney Cub 10 Watt combo amplifier
  2. Laney Cub 12 , a 15 watt combo amp
  3. Laney Cub 12, a 15 watt Head and Cab

The difference between the amps?

The cub 12 does not differ at all from combo to head & cab version and features the same full band eq. The laney 10 watt version however has only tone and volume which I actually love.

There is something about the simplicity of two controls.

Amp Features

  • The cub 12 has built in reverb.
  • The amp has an effects loop which is great for delays and wet signals coming from pedals.
  • The amps has a built in stand (comes with the combo version)

The Sound

This incredible little amp aims to give you the classic brittish tone that we have come to know over the years however it comes in a package that is affordable to most guitarists.

Not many can rival this quality of amp for the price.



Review: Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe

Bang For your Wide-Range HumBuckers

If you are looking for a high quality Fender guitar with humbuckers but cannot afford the real deal, this Vintage Modified Tele is the business!

I must be honest, I’m not one that is too perturbed if the headstock does not say Fender. As long as the headstock looks like a Fender! and that’ exactly what you get with the Vintage modified.

Fender Build & Quality without the logo

So this guitar says Squier instead of Fender big deal? Not at all! in fact the quality of this guitar (Actually, all the guitars in the “vintage modified” range) can be compared to that of a Mexican Fender or even a Japanese Fender.

This Tele is made in Indonesia but it does certainly adhere to the higher standards of Fender guitars.


  • Olympic White
  • Black


  • Despite the colour you choose, these Tele’s only come with a maple neck and fretboard
  • Shape: “C”


  • Basswood body with a polyester gloss-type finish

Guitar Tone South Africa Verdict

This is a fantastic guitar and should by no means ever be compared to or thought of as in the same level as the entry level Squier’s. This is a high quality instrument so expect to pay a decent amount for it even though it says Squier.

Don’t let the fact that it is a squier put you off. It is a great guitar and has real Fender Wide range humbuckers. After all that’s where the sound comes from. Not from the logo on the headstock!

Overdrive Pedal

Review: Joyo Vintage Overdrive

Classic Overdrive Sound on a Budget!

If you are looking for a pedal that:

  • Takes your amp from breakup to overdrive
  • Pushes your overdriven amp over the edge
  • The pedal can be used as a boost

Then the Vintage Overdrive pedal from Joyo is for you!

A clone?

There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to this pedal from Joyo. It is indeed a clone of the famous Ibanez Tube screamer but it does an incredible job of getting close to that tube screamer sound.

To be more precise the Vintage Overdrive is a clone of the Ibanez TS808 which is most famous for boosting the mids of your tone.

How does it differ to the Original?

  • Many guitarists prefer the Joyo over the Ibanez as it has slightly more gain than the TS
  • With the Joyo you czn hear the notes more clearly.
  • The Joyo is like half the price!

Where does the Vintage Overdrive fall short?

This pedal really doesn’t fall short especially when you consider the price but if I were to knit-pick i’d say the Joyo overdrive pedal falls short being used as a clean boost. Even with all the gain rolled off I feel it still gives a muddy sound.

However, having said that the Joyo Vintage Overdrive works exceptionally well as a gain boost in front of another drive pedal.

It should be noted that the Vintage overdrive will not do itself justice by being used as a stand alone drive pedal on a clean amp. The pedal should either be used in conjunction with another pedal or to push a broken up/overdrive amp.

The Best Things About this Pedal

  1. The pedal is true bypass so when it is not being used, your precious signal is being preserved.
  2. The Joyo vintage overdrive can be used with 9v powersupply or a 9v battery.
  3. The chassis of the pedal is made out of aluminum so it is sturdy and will take a beating.

The Guitar Tone Verdict

We love this pedal. if you are thinking about buying a simple yet good sounding overdriove pedal then the Joyo will servfe you well.

It has been on my board since the day I got it and I still use it instead of my ooriginal TS.

Ibanez Tubescreamer vs. Joyo Vintage Overdrive – Head to Head

We thought why try and explain the difference between the Ibanez and the Joyo when we could just show you. So now you can hear and see the difference between the two pedals for yourself.

Check out the video below and see what you think.


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